Hi, We’re JACK FM. Take This Survey And Tell Us How We’re Doin’

fill out form Hi, Were JACK FM. Take This Survey And Tell Us How Were Doin

We’ll surprise you with a t-shirt!

Jack FM can totally hear you when you shout back at the radio like you do.

We just can’t make out exactly what it is you’re saying with everyone yelling all at once. Surely we can go about extracting your feedback in a more civilized manner. So put down your sandwich and wipe that mustard off of your lip – it’s time to help us help you. We’d like to give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on Jack FM over the phone with a nice man named George who has a pen and paper handy. You may get a free t-shirt out of it!


  • Doug

    You suck, Jack. But I love it so.

  • Sue

    Jack rocks. They play just the right mix of all types of music. I never get bored of listening to Jack.

  • LN

    Hey Jack – call me <3

  • Chris

    Thank god your fashion sense is better than your taste in music! I only realy listen for the t-shirts… oh and the face book pictures are funny as hell too. Keep up the good work Jack

  • Robyn

    Awwwwww Jack you make me giggle so…… ;)

  • Robyn

    Seriously Jack I just want a shirt….Dont make me beg :)

  • Jose

    Hey Jack: I have been a listener since the day you moved into 93.1. Your pimpettes, pimps, and you totally rock( if there is a JACK IN REALITY), I would like to attend the 6th show and have a T-shirt. Fan for almost 6 years…..Thank You.

  • maria

    youare doing great! Your variety of songs rock….keep up the good work..

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