Baseball Season Is Upon Us And That Means …


dodgerdog1 Baseball Season Is Upon Us And That Means ...
Ahhhh baseball season. The fresh cut grass. The lights. The game. And most importantly, the stadium food. Nachos. Garlic fries, and most importantly, DODGER DOGS. Keep reading.Not sure how many of you are aware but Dodger Stadium’s right field bleachers are the ALL YOU CAN EAT SECTION. Yep. Nachos. Peanuts. Dodger Dogs. Sodas. All you can eat included into the price of the ticket. What’s bugging us though is…….if you’re not exactly PAYING for every Dodger Dog you eat, then….what’s stopping you from starting a food fight out there in right field? Just saying. Sometimes baseball gets boring but food fights? Never boring. But if you plan to start one, 2 things yo need to know

  • A) you DID NOT get the idea from us, and
  • B) You might wanna study up, get a few tips from one of the legends of the game, and no, we ain’t talking bout Hank Aaron…

john belushi animal house food fight Baseball Season Is Upon Us And That Means ...

  • David Campos

    Not tasty! I prefer water balloon fights,or cold drink fights to cool down the ball park fever!

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