The Cult Movie of the Week – Dead Alive

deadalive3 e1267050975258 The Cult Movie of the Week   Dead Alive

Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive is a no doubt a horror cult classic.  Gallons of blood sprays everywhere, we have zombies mating, zombie babies, and a kung-fu priest. This one comes from the director of The Lord of The Rings!

deadalive21 The Cult Movie of the Week   Dead Alive

Our protagonist: Lionel takes his girlfriend Paquita to the zoo on a date.  Lionel’s overbearing mom follows him there, only to be bitten by the (extremely fake looking) rat monkey.  She gradually becomes a blood thirsty zombie and starts eating animals, friends, and neighbors, while Lionel tries to hide the dead in his basement. 

Great moments: Priest Uncle Les shows up for a glorified cameo to save Lionel and fight off the zombies, shouting catch phrases like, “This calls for divine intervention,” and, “I kick ass for the Lord!” Unfortunately, he dies within minutes of delivering Bruce Lee moves. 

Another great scene involves Lionel taking an ugly zombie baby for a stroll in a stroller, when suddenly the baby escapes.  He finally gains control of the baby and gives it a good old-fashioned beating – in front of onlookers. (See below)

Dead Alive is a well-made but CHEESY low-budget film with tons of gore and blood.  Who doesn’t love a zombie massacre that involved an approximated 300 liters of fake blood? What’s your take on Dead Alive?

  • R

    First off I have to say that I have never seen the movie, but after watching that clip. I NEVER will. That was absolutely horrible! Can I please have the 1 min and 39 seconds of my life back? Damn you JACK!

    • Trey

      I’m glad that you enjoyed that…muahaha! Next week’s clip is going to be even worse, and by worse I mean better.

  • Mark

    WOW…I have to watch this movie now…can the next one really be worse than this?! hahaha

  • Pony

    I LOVE that the other people at the part just watch that guy beat the crap out of a disgusting zombie baby. Ewww. Nice work.

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