Screw ‘Freedom of Speech’!

Some government goon (from Canada, turns out) wants to get California to adopt a ‘Cuss Free Week’, which is a much better use of time than trying to figure out what to do about paying teachers, no?  Or who is gonna clean this beer off of our front seat!


After the jump, JACK FM invites you to tell your leaders exactly and in no uncertain terms what you think about this important exercise in busy-body-ness.  Bonus points if you think it’s a great idea!  ‘Cause that’d be fun.



Ready?  Set?  COMMENT!

  • T

    The budget should be the only thing the government is thinking about. A bankrupt state that can’t cuss is bullshit!

  • Amanda

    Stupidest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard of. “Pay our staff? F*CK THAT! Uhh… Cuss Free Week, that should distract them!”

  • V

    Whaaaaat! thas boooo-sh#t! No really, thats pretty ridiculous & unnecessary. Heh,…. its not gonna happen…

  • V

    Muah ha ha..

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