Jack’s Cougar Madness: Round 4: Cub Rustlers

You’re viewing the Cub Rustlers Bracket.Each cougar is paired up. You decide who moves to the next round. Voting for Round 4 ends Sunday, March 27th at 5pm.And don’t forget to visit the other Brackets: Sabertoothed Sirens, Den Mothers with Benefits and Cub Rustlers.
  • Click on a photo or name
    for more information on that Cougar.
 th b 4 kristin brin 004 m129 Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Cub Rustlers 
th b 4 sarah pechette 008 m122 Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Cub Rustlers


trans Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Cub Rustlers


After you vote for all the Cougars in a bracket:

#1 Push Up Panthers

#2 Sabertoothed Sirens

#3 Den Mothers W. Benefits

#4 Cub Rustlers

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One Comment

  1. Jill says:

    Unbelievable!…what happended to Olivia? There’s obviously something messed up with Polldaddy.com or the IT dept at Jack FM….seriously, all of the women are pretty, But something just isn’t right! Olivia, you should have a taken it!

  2. cougarqueenb says:

    i agree with jill my vote was for olivia and why is sydney the victoria secret model still here?

  3. TT says:

    Me too Olivia was breathtaking and seemed like alot of fun. Go figure.. Either way it’s all in good fun right??

  4. Bobbi says:

    Really bummed about Olivia… what a doll. Too bad for JACK. Not sure what the voters are looking for. Nothing against my fellow contestants or these two beautiful women. Just trying to figure this contest out…. lol… Good luck ladies!!!!

  5. Mickey says:

    Sarah is beautiful, let me rephrase that all the women are beautiful and this contest is just in good fun. Good Luck Ladies🙂

  6. mel says:

    Can’t vote on the beauties who aren’t here only the ones who have clawed their way this far. I wish Michelle was here though, she was awesome. But Sarah gets the thumbs up. Look at that face, the serious bod and those legs and those feet…whew! Just beautiful from head to toe!

  7. Jack B. says:

    Olivia? seriously? KRISTIN is the one I’m lookin’ at. wow. WOW!!!

  8. alissa says:

    Kristin is so totally the whole package!GO KRISTIN!

  9. Joseph says:

    Kristen Kristen Kristen &-P bugged out

  10. Geo says:

    Sarah is my vote

  11. Joseph says:

    No one is moderating the text.( U F yourself Jack ) are you legal resident or undocumented alien btich

  12. Joseph says:

    Sarah is nanding out $100 Commerce Casino chips to IT programmers for CBS radio. (believe it or not). Chips easily transfer from hand to hand without notice.

    1. Bobbi says:

      I got my hands smacked Joseph (tongue in cheek Cranfill sweetie) so if I were you, I’d stop being such a trouble maker. These gals are wonderful ladies… start being nice.

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