Jack’s Cougar Madness: Round 4: Sabertoothed Sirens

You’re viewing the Sabertoothed Sirens Bracket.Each cougar is paired up. You decide who moves to the next round. Voting for Round 4 ends Sunday, March 27th at 5pm.And don’t forget to visit the other Brackets: Sabertoothed Sirens, Den Mothers with Benefits and Cub Rustlers.
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 b 2theresaquinoes002 Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Sabertoothed Sirens
b 2michellestaal0082 Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Sabertoothed Sirens


trans Jacks Cougar Madness: Round 4: Sabertoothed Sirens


After you vote for all the Cougars in a bracket:

#1 Push Up Panthers

#2 Sabertoothed Sirens

#3 Den Mothers W. Benefits

#4 Cub Rustlers

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Go back to Jack’s Cougar Madness Main Page.

Voting for this round ends Sunday at 5PM.

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  • rlf

    I’ve met Theresa and I want her to win so others can see what a true. sensuous beauty she truly is even up close, no makeup. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

  • cougarqueenb

    outta these two my vote goes to theresa im all for the natural beauty in a cougar!

  • Me 33

    Sorry Michelle. Love the free spirit, just wish you weren’t so manufactured looking.

  • Bob

    they both look pretty fake, too bad the natural beauties are all outta the contest at this point. And, how come T only has one boob anyway…

    • cougarqueenb

      thats so not true bob! Kami is a friend of mine and she is truly a natural beauty. No air brushing on any of her photos and hasnt had a thing done cosmetically! And there are a few others still remaing that seem to be natural beauties as well!

  • Bobbi

    It’s the angle of the camera Bob…lol. Good luck ladies, but I want to see Theresa keep moving forward. and she does look like the gorgeous Raquel Welch….

  • Rosco

    Theresa ROCK’s!!! And she does resemble Raquel, but reminds me a lot more of Daisy Funtes & LeeAnn Tweedan ComBineD…



  • fool_in_cali

    Congrats, ladies! You are both beautiful! But Theresa has my vote! Good Luck!

  • Ashley

    i know theresa and she is what you see is what you get..there is no airbrushing in this picture.anyone making bad comments is just a hater and need to get over it. Theresa is beautiful and is gonna win this thing. stop being jealous and start being a better sport

  • mike

    damn michelle got enough make up on! hot pink lipstick and fake tan is not working for me. less is more sweetie. theresa you got my vote! your so fine!

  • Ken

    Bob that was a very dumb comment so go away no1 likes you haha.. Anyways GO THERESA!! YOu should win this thing you COUGAR..

  • Derrik


  • http://jack.radio.com/2010/03/25/jacks-cougar-madness-round-4-den-mothers-with-benefits/ Jack’s Cougar Madness: Round 4: Den Mothers with Benefits « 93.1 Jack FM

    […] Push Up Panthers #2 Sabertoothed Sirens #3 Den Mothers W. Benefits #4 Cub […]

  • V

    Competition really brings out the insecurities in people. I’m sure Theresa is sure enough about herself that she doesn’t need others to be bashed to make her look good. Michelle is really a nice person and she wouldn’t like it if her friends or those who vote for her made fun, put down or degrade the other contestants. It’s sad to know that adults can be so immature. Try being complimentary towards the person you want to win instead of bashing the other women. Good luck to all the women and don’t worry about the childish comments left by others.

    • cc

      Yes your right V, don’t mean to be “mean” i let the ugly come out in me and I regret that.

    • RALPH

      theresa has her insecurities like any woman, but she is not a hater

      • ken


      • ashley

        ralph im sorry but you obviously dont know sh%t about theresa. insecurities? please! f$ck this woman has everything going on. beauty, personality, confidence, EVERYTHING. she has NOTHING to be insecure about. you dont even know theresa. what, did you meet her at a bar and assumed you knew her life story? ya no. theresa doesnt even know you so dont try to come on here saying she has insecurities when the woman has NONE. so why dont you take your lame poetic bull shit somehwere else. Hey Theresa, it looks like you have a stalker here! stay away from people named Ralph! hahahaha

      • ken

        i’m on a friends computer and we are reading these riduculous comments from “Ralph” we r strangers Ralph u need to chill ..you know NOTHING about me T.


    I have heard more than one of Theresa’s female friends say “best boobs in the southbay”.

  • Derrik

    Haha V go do therapy somewhere else no one wants it here. Both of you girls are hot Theresa has my vote though.

  • jose

    The cougars that were voted off early seem to be baring their teeth and claws! Come on ladies, lighten up, its not Miss America, or even Homecoming Queen! It a bunch of middle aged women trying to win a 3 year lease, not even free, she’s gotta come up with tax, license, and insurance!

  • jose


  • Jimmy

    I know Theresa and she is the real thing full of life Go LADY :)

  • Joseph

    She was extra for Raquel Wrlsh in the 1960’s film Dr. NO, OK Theresa keep in shape

  • Ralph M

    I don’t know who RALPH is. But I know he needs to look at T for the true beauty that she is.

  • GG-

    theresa, natural beauty… foxy cougar… you get my vote

  • Joseph

    Michelle your as flat as a piece of plywood, you need to be nailed as subfloor and carpeted.

  • Joseph

    Dr. Cranfill was asked by Sydney to fix the IT tech with naked pictures of her lesbian lover to win this contest! (believe it or not)

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