R4: #1: Cub Rustlers: Kristin vs. Sarah

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Name: Kristin

Birthday: 11/30/1967

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Tell JACK FM why you should be the winner of JACK’S Cougar Madness?trans R4: #1: Cub Rustlers: Kristin vs. Sarah

  • For one, the 370Z is my dream car. I test drove it in Glendale recently but if Nissan in Mission Hills wants to get in bed with me I am in. It would be my deep pleasure to be their spokeswomen if they would like. I think that they build beautiful automobiles with great quality and performance.
  • Second, if I was your winner we would all have a blast because I love having fun! I’m funny, witty, classy and a great time when I’m out to play. I’m pretty in a classic beauty kind of way. I have lots of charisma, yet I have been humbled in my life many times. Now that I am older I am never the prettiest girl in the room anymore. Sometimes the most lovely lady though. Until my claws come out? And what I know for sure is that I love younger men and thank God they love me too!

About you … what’s your cougar story?

  • It has always been about younger guys for me. But you must understand, I am not the divorced horny chick looking for bing bing. I am the forever fresh-faced, single, sensational girl with mesmerizing blues eyes like a movie star. That coupled with the fact that I have no and do not want any kids makes me lobster on the menu for younger men. Dip me in butter and we are on!

What’s your favorite cougar hunting ground?

  • Visiting friends in their offices – young men everywhere, always!

Which celebrity cougar do you admire most and why?

  • Bo Derek. She has had her pretty pink claws in Corbetts behind for about 8 years now. She is beautiful beyond words and has the face and curves of a 29-year-old. Not to mention the great Corbett – do you have his CD? The guy has a great voice and is extra sexy for loving older women!

Explain photo:

  • I took that picture of myself while I was at my girlfriends house on a saturday night. She takes way too long to get ready, probably because she knows I always have my camera with me when we got out for the hunt. We both like to look our best. She is not smart enough to be a cougar however. She rolls with the hair plugs and man boobs…yikes.


sarahpechette21 R4: #1: Cub Rustlers: Kristin vs. Sarah

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Name: Sarah

Birthday: 05/15/1964

Occupation: Nurse

Tell JACK FM why you should be the winner of JACK’S Cougar Madness?trans R4: #1: Cub Rustlers: Kristin vs. Sarah

  • Because I’m 45 years old and the HOTTEST I’ve Ever, Ever been!!

About you … what’s your cougar story?

  • Originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, I now reside in Huntington Beach, California, where I keep busy “enjoying the good life,” I am a single mother who’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle and loves working out.
  • “A cougar today is a women who takes care of herself. But it’s more than just taking care of your outward appearance. When you know you are truly beautiful on the inside, it’s reflected on the outside and makes a woman even more beautiful.”
  • Younger men seem to have the drive, ambition, and motivation… besides having great bodies. I’ve never been hung up on who I am supposed to date or whatever. It’s a non-issue. You should be confident enough to ask out a man if you’re attracted to him. You can’t get hung up on his age.

What’s your favorite cougar hunting ground?

  • Oh my goodness Cute boys are EVERYWHERE!!

Which celebrity cougar do you admire most and why?

  • I love Courtney Cox I think she does a great job on her TV show Cougartown. I can so relate to situations her character portrays
  • http://jack.radio.com/2010/03/25/jacks-cougar-madness-round-4-cub-rustlers-2/ Jack’s Cougar Madness: Round 4: Cub Rustlers « 93.1 Jack FM

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  • AquaticsFan

    Look at Kristin’s gallery pics… HOLYCRAPWOW!!

  • Anon

    No real winner here. Both a pair of no-brainers. Lesser of two evils? Sarah.

  • Menard

    kristin outclasses every gal on here! an absolute, classic beauty. the nissan people should be so lucky to get someone like her in their car.

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