R5 Final: Cub Rustlers: Sarah

bracket 4 sarah 1 R5 Final: Cub Rustlers: Sarah 

Name: Sarah

Birthday: 05/15/1964

Occupation : Nurse

Tell JACK FM why you should be the winner of JACK’S Cougar Madness?trans R5 Final: Cub Rustlers: Sarah

  • Because I’m 45 years old and the HOTTEST I’ve Ever, Ever been!!

About you … what’s your cougar story?

  • Originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, I now reside in Huntington Beach, California, where I keep busy “enjoying the good life,” I am a single mother who’s committed to living a healthy lifestyle and loves working out.
  • “A cougar today is a women who takes care of herself. But it’s more than just taking care of your outward appearance. When you know you are truly beautiful on the inside, it’s reflected on the outside and makes a woman even more beautiful.”
  • Younger men seem to have the drive, ambition, and motivation… besides having great bodies. I’ve never been hung up on who I am supposed to date or whatever. It’s a non-issue. You should be confident enough to ask out a man if you’re attracted to him. You can’t get hung up on his age.

What’s your favorite cougar hunting ground?

  • Oh my goodness Cute boys are EVERYWHERE!!

Which celebrity cougar do you admire most and why?

  • I love Courtney Cox I think she does a great job on her TV show Cougartown. I can so relate to situations her character portrays
    [photogallerylink id=6479]

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  • Mickey

    Sarah has my vote! Go Cougars :)

  • Butch

    I’m going to Angels games to look for Sarah! She looks like a WINNER to me!!

  • Kelvin

    The older the meat the better the treat. Sarah is hot

  • david

    sarah is hot! Go Sarah…..go angels

  • Darkhorse

    She could be the winner but with no additional images to view there could be something she is hidding. Maybe I’ll run into her in downtown HB and check out the package.

  • mel

    I’m gpomg with Sarah all the way. Sarah is just beautiful from head to toe. You look like you are having fun in every photo, Sarah. Great smile. I have new wallpaper on my pc. Good luck, Sarah.

    • mel

      going with Sarah…

  • sandra delgado

    It just goes to show you don’t have to have it all hanging out to look FN Hot Sarah Darlin you have my Vote!

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    […] Choosing your favorite cougar in the Femme Fatal Four is the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make:  Sydney, Theresa, Jewel or Sarah! […]

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