FAIL: Tiger … Don’t Do It

385 tiger FAIL: Tiger ... Dont Do It

Nike says “Just Do It.”  JACK FM says “Don’t Do It.”


The latest Nike ad incorporating words of wisdom that father Woods and son, Tiger  SHOULD have both listened to.

Tiger … did you learn anything?

  • camda1

    Tiger should have let his Tiger out the cage and manned up to this with the media from the first day of this controversy. One, he would have shown real men that confessions are not easy but is the brave way to go. Two, the media would have still eaten him up but the mistresses would probably have gotten squat cause the cat would have been out the bag. I know that I have personally lost respect for this cat. It just goes to show you just can’t trust a book by it’s cover. Three, you go out with a little dignity.

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