Crazy Nicolas Cage Buys A Crazy Pyramid

nc1 Crazy Nicolas Cage Buys A Crazy Pyramid

Is actor Nicolas Cage possessed by the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, or is this just a case of plain old Hollywood crazy? The tax-troubled, 46-year-old actor recently bought himself a pyramid to be buried in. Curious? Anyone in their right mind should be…

0415 nic cage tomb ex tmz Crazy Nicolas Cage Buys A Crazy Pyramid

According to TMZ, the star of such cinematic masterpieces as Ghost Rider, National Treasure and National Treasure 2: Hunt for a Needed Paycheck had a 9-foot tall pyramid erected in a New Orleans cemetery to house his dead body.

Wait a minute this can’t be right. This has got to be a joke or something. We’re talking about a professional actor here. We’re talking about a man with an Oscar–this Nicolas Cage:

Well, that’s clearly taken out of context. Anyone would appear crazy in that situation.  But what about this:

Okay, maybe he is just a wee bit unstable, but damn if he isn’t entertaining.

Nicolas Cage plays the deranged, loving father character “Big Daddy” in the film Kick Ass, now in theaters:


  • Vaderbot

    It’s actually very common amongst the Freemasons. Some of my forefathers were members of the craft and are buried under huge pyramids.

  • Jim

    Please, Which New Orleans cemetery is it??

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