Cannabis in the Kitchen: Become a Ganja Gourmand

edibles Cannabis in the Kitchen: Become a Ganja Gourmand

Psychedelic cookery is the new foodie frontier for the stoner gastronomer. It appeals to us on so many levels; discretion, portability, ease, and the puntastic awesomeness of getting ‘baked’ from baked goods.  We all know (and love) the ubiquitous pot brownies, cookies, and cakes. How many of us have spent a summer vacation high on rock music while enjoying a long, languorous brownie buzz? Despite this nostalgia, our age of Food Network star worship and readily accessible product from cannabis clubs demands something more sophisticated.

Here are a few modern ways to experiment in the kitchen with experimental drugs, after the jump.

Cannabis-infused olive oil– A sensible option for this pricey but potent herb, marijuana olive oil can be used in almost all of your cooking included but not limited to: salad dressing, hummus, pizza sauce, pesto, and sautéing veggies. These oils can become incredibly gourmet if also infused with habañero or garlic.

Cannabis-infused cream– A common ‘munchie’ request is for ice cream. With some slowly infused cannabis cream and an ice cream maker, we can satisfy both our needs at once. On top of the many different ice cream recipes that can be made, cannabis-infused cream can be used for milkshakes, coffee, or even as the cream in your White Russian.

Cannabis-infused butter- With just a pot of melted butter and cheesecloth, the key ingredient to many baked goods can be yours; but you don’t need to use butter for just these cheeba classics. This butter can be used for anything you want: to slather on crusty baguettes, on top of pancakes or waffles, even on top of a steak.

If now you are inspired to become an epicurean in the chronic kitchen, check out this The Stoner Cookbook for instructions on how to prepare the stoner staples above, as well as much more.


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