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The Femme Fatale Final Four

385 cougarwinner The Femme Fatale Final Four
VOTING HAS ENDED … the cougar has been crowned! Jewel gets a brand new Nissan 370Z, courtesy of Nissan of Mission Hills– Out to be the #1 Nissan dealer in the world. Meet Jewel and the rest of the cougars.

Yes the Femme Fatale Cougars do exist . Check out the video.

To find out more about each contestant, click on their picture or name of each cougar in their Bracket.

Push Up Panthers: Sabertoothed Sirens
Sydney Theresa
b1 sydney The Femme Fatale Final Four b 2theresa1 The Femme Fatale Final Four
Den Mothers W. Benefits Cub Rustlers
Jewel Sarah
bracket 3 jewel The Femme Fatale Final Four th b 4 sarah The Femme Fatale Final Four

VOTING HAS ENDED but check out all the photos from our Final Femme Fatale Party.
[photogallerylink id=6847]


One Comment

  1. TERRY says:

    theresa’s picture is probably on jake’s wall

  2. wally says:

    Genealogists will probably prove Theresa is a direct desendant of Helen of Troy

  3. Jack says:

    Psst-,,,,,SARAH over here

    1. MBT Chapa Shoes says:


    2. MBT lamis says:

      your story is so beautiful.

  4. FATHEAD says:


  5. DAVID L. says:


  6. MARK says:


  7. Dean says:

    Theresa should win this “hands down”.

  8. BOFFA says:

    JEWEL is the Natural Winner…….GOOD LUCK TO YOU “MILF”

  9. Rick says:

    Sydney….Hands down

    enough said……….

  10. Ricky says:

    Sydney is the clear choice…
    The other can’t hang…

  11. David says:

    Too many men forget how important intelligence is. Sarah is the only woman that combines both natural beauty and intelligence and she has my vote. Not to mention that she has the same name as my ex who was also as hot as Helllllll!!

  12. Hope Shook says:

    They are all B e a u tiful! But Sydney looks the most natural

  13. Scott says:

    I don’t know how young these cougars go, but i’m 18, and would give my all to make sure you are satisfied.

  14. John Mavar says:


    1. GEORGE says:


  15. Drfeelgood says:

    That’s my girl SARAH go !!!

  16. Robert says:

    Sarah is it. Hands down she is the absolute hottest of this group. Just look at her, man how can you not vote for her. Baby if they don’t give your the crown, I will buy you the very same car, not just lease it for you!

  17. hammer233 says:

    I’m 49 and Sarah is a very hot babe and is smart too..Nurse nurse i got a pain here can you help.LOL Hank

  18. george says:


  19. jewel says:

    very nice

  20. jewel says:

    very pleasant

  21. fool_in_cali says:

    You go, Theresa!!! You are so cute in the video, nervous but your personality just shines through! Don’t see any of the other women stepping up and doing a video – what’s up with that?

  22. rlf says:

    looking forward to seeing 4 beautiful Women tomorrow, I think THERESA’s outgoing charm is going to absolutely awe some people if they can get past her stunning looks

  23. rlf says:

    like Columbo “one more thing before I go” theresa’s heart is more beautiful than her face, her soul sexier than her body

  24. Sean S. says:

    Ted Haung your a complete Douchebag! Jewel is one of the most beautiful women you are ever going to find. She’s more beautiful then almost all of Hollywood’s actresses! She also has that rare combination of a sweet & sexy personality that comes through in her photo’s. Less then 1% of the female population has what Jewel has. She’s sweet, sexy and absolutely adorable! If Jewel doesn’t win, I will never listen to Jack-FM again! Never ever! Jewel is the winner – Hands Down!

  25. Charles De Jolie says:

    Theresa is my pick all the WAY, how could not like here!!!

  26. Emmanuel says:

    Ladies you are all beautiful women. Jack fm you guys rock! I went to buffalo wild wings awesome women

    1. Skippy says:

      Who won?

  27. MAG says:

    Congratulations Jewel!!! You had this thing the whole way. Enjoy the new ride!!

    1. SARAH says:

      It was super fun!! Watch out boys all us cougars are friends and now we travel inour Jack Pack Purrrrrrrrr

  28. Lisa says:

    It was great seeing everyone today! It was nice meeting you Theresa and Mary!

    1. rlf says:

      nice meeting u to Lisa e-mail me tstouch@aol.com lol derr im a aol’er heehee

    2. rlf says:

      hey im on a friends computer butt .. heehee was a lil buzzed sat. so Mary feel free to contact me too tstouch@aol.com k – any of u girls(cougars) feel free to b in touch ….
      Congrats jewel ox sarah ur a fun girl maybe we all meet again take care bie Theresa oxox

    3. lebron shoes sale says:

      our … thoughts are … synchronized

  29. JNP says:

    Congrats Jewels on winning. .Congrats on all the ladies, they all were very hot…

  30. Joseph says:

    The original jewel image doesn’t look at all to the photo image posted as the winner of the contest. Nice droppee melons, those have to look damn good in motion.

  31. Joseph says:

    Jewel got the perfect chin, But who ever did her photo shoot has to be fired. The only picture that does her justice is the one photo April 3 2010

  32. Joseph says:

    You’re all are blind or retarded because Theresa is the HOTTEST DAMN PUSSYCAT of them all. Jewel looks like a old aged fossil next to that car she gets to drive. I think I’ll take a unloaded revolver and shoot myself In the cranium. Christopher Walken

    1. a cub actually there says:

      Joseph, have you ever considered decaf, or perhaps a girlfriend you don’t have to blow up? All four of the ladies deserved to be in the final four, all were great sports about it. As for the bit about motion, Jewel’s black extentions will look quite nice whipping out the window of that white 370Z.

  33. Jose says:

    As a spectator at the finale and after watching the winners interview, her cocky and entitled attitude is less than attractive. How did she know who the final four would be and she was so sure she would be one of them????!!! Give me a break!! I can’t stand a woman who feels entitled because she bought boobs and hair extentions…..I saw other women there who were naturally beautuiful and would have been a better choice as winner of the contest. She doesn’t deserve the car or the attention.

  34. Noelle says:

    Looks like it was fun evening…too bad I couldn’t make had plans. But uuummm is Sidney really a guy…hahahaha! Cuz if so totally uncool Jack!


  35. shawn says:

    this is posted out to Jewel…congrats again…how is the car working for you ? Finally , a day of sunshine to enjoy the new ride.We would like to invite you down , with all of your friends to the annual Stillen Nissan / Infiniti Customer appreciation day. May 8th Costa Mesa , Calif. 92626 http://www.stillen.com

    1. Jewel says:

      Thank you Shawn…will definitely try to make it! 🙂 I will mark it on the calender…

  36. Jewel says:

    Glad to see some better photos posted on the end of the gallery section as of yesterday! Thanks for a great time everyone! I’m actually giving the car to my twin boys who are just starting to drive…I did the contest all for them.

    Thanks for all the support of friends and family who backed me the whole way! The twins appreciate it greatly!

    Also…made a new friend Sarah out of the deal…sweetheart of a girl! Many good times ahead with her….

    And thank you Jack Radio!! You’re the best!!

    Xo Jewel

    1. Jose says:

      Sorry Jewel, but your personality makes you quite UGLY…plus without fake boobs and hair you ain’t all that I’m sure…..

  37. Amy says:

    I hate to sound catty (no pun intended) but not one of these gals looks like their pictures. Jewel is bloated, Theresa is no where near the same person she was in the photo..WAY too much Botox, Sarah is blah…..Yes, please next time use *recent* photos…Sheesh, I am 41 and I think a recent phot could blow these gals away!

    1. rlf says:

      post it

    2. SARAH says:

      Boy still with the remarks Yup I agree all the pics taken where BlaHh How ever in person Im really pretty Ask anyone who was there and I did not post modeling pics just everyday down to earth pics. Jeez when are the critics gonna get a life of their own. As your mother said “If you have nothing nive to say Say nothing” And ya PS Jewel was a sweatheart and the event Was Super Fun Thanks Jack!!!

      1. Jose says:

        Sorry Sarah, I was there…I saw you in person…you are ok, just not what your original picture looked like at all….Jewel is a concieted beeoottcchh thinking she knew she was going to win…what a joke….it’s sad that Sarah has to defend her prettiness to anyone. If she thinks she is pretty then good for her….just not my type..

    3. Theresa says:

      as if …..Amy – as if you even know what you are talking about . HATER heehee i love it !

  38. shelby says:

    anybody but jewel.

    1. WTF says:

      what happened to Sydney?? Why didn’t she show up as one of the top 4? How did she know that she wasn’t gonna win? What if she would have won..and she wouldn’t have been there? I’m sure the girl that she beat out in the top 8 would have shown up? I think if Jack FM has another contest…video’s need to be posted along with pictures…big differences between film and print….girls looks totally different…the only one that looked somewhat the same was Sarah..had I known what the girls really looked like..I would have voted for Sarah along…..

  39. Bob says:

    The “Jewel” that showed up for the live event didn’t look much like the “Jewel” in the photos — shocker. Whoa! Sarah & Theresa handled with class! But, whoa…seriously…hmmmmm

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