Yoko Tinkers With Lennon’s Art Prints

yo Yoko Tinkers With Lennons Art Prints

[lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm]’s widow [lastfm]Yoko Ono[/lastfm] has garnered criticism within the art world for altering print drawings of her late husband. Ono has sold colored in prints from the ex-[lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] musician without citing alterations.   According the U.K.’s Times, Lennon produced three books of black-and-white illustrations while attending the Liverpool College of Art.  Overseen by Ono, prints of these works have been offered for sale in Britain and America with alterations added after the singer’s death.

Experts say that Ono approved “adaptations” of Lennon’s drawings, sometimes adding extra characters, and signing Lennon’s signature symbol.

  • So is it stupid that Yoko did this, or cool?  RIOT!

[Source: The Times]


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