What In Blazes Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Doing on the Internet?

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screen shot 2010 05 12 at 2 20 20 pm What In Blazes Are Michael Jacksons Kids Doing on the Internet?

[lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]’s children, Blanket and Paris are all up on Youtube, making videos like regular kids (apparently) do these days.

Check out what lurks in the mind of someone named after bed linens…

Blanket Jackson reenacts a light-saber battle scene from Star Wars, and manages to maintain perfect grown-up lady/Monica Lewinsky hair while casually hitting a ‘friend’:

Paris rapping to “song”, displaying cool “rap-hands”:

Finally, Paris saying the word “monkey please help,” in a scene that could easily be in a Japanese horror film:

So are Paris and Blanket really cool/odd, or just some basic kids?

[Source: Youtube]

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