Sexy CPR Instructions Get It Right

sexycpr Sexy CPR Instructions Get It Right

Knowing CPR can save a life.  Knowing how to perform Sexy CPR can save more lives.  People will be inspired by your new found knowledge and consider you a champion of living, a champion of humanity, but mostly you will be a champion of two super hot blondes teaching you to save lives.

Learn the appropriate way to save a life after the jump!

  • Are you going to go out and practice your life saving techniques now?
  • vaderbot

    Thumbs up! way up.

  • AHA CPR Instructor, Marra

    Close enough to be accurate & maybe even save a life!
    Anything that helps public health efforts is okay with me.

  • V,,

    AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh…….. Yeah! That’ how I always imagined CPR was taught.

  • 1st responder

    ok that GAVE me a heart attack. Can we get the instructor team to our annual refresher!

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