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REO Speedwagon and ASIA on Family Guy

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screen shot 2010 05 18 at 9 49 44 pm 5 18 10 REO Speedwagon and ASIA on Family Guy

What’s the only thing better than Family Guy?  Family Guy with an [lastfm]Asia[/lastfm] & [lastfm]REO Speedwagon[/lastfm]cameo.

Since we lack the technical merit to get anything right, we cannot find the clip.  However, we can find the ENTIRE episode of Family Guy that it was aired in.  So you can choose to watch the whole thing or just fast forward to see the clip, which starts at the 5:16 mark.  Since it makes more sense to watch the whole thing to understand how the joke comes into play, just watch it.  What’s five minutes of your time?


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