True Blood Season 3 Here We Come!

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ericvsooki True Blood Season 3 Here We Come!

Societal vampire fever is still here some how, which is a good thing for us fans of HBO‘s gory/campy/romancy show about mystical goings-on down in the deep south town of Shreveport, Louisiana. Sneak peeks and minisodes keep blasting viewers all over the face, the latest of which included a Season 3 trailer that aired during the final episode of Lost.

Keep a-clickin’ to find out more…

Here’s this clip from last night (via maldenpyrate):

HBO’s original teaser…

…and another taste:

Did this “minisode” work on you:

Does waiting suck?  Will the addition of werewolves be awesome, or really awesome?

[Source: HBO’s YouTube]

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