Radiohead Drummer Spills the Beans on Solo Album

philselway1 Radiohead Drummer Spills the Beans on Solo Album

[lastfm]Radiohead[/lastfm] drummer Phil Selway will release his debut solo album Familial this August. Click on for juicy tidbits, like the cover art.

The album will drop on August 30, and was produced by Radiohead studio pal Ian Davenport.  Familial will feature performances by singer/songwriter [lastfm]Lisa Germano[/lastfm], bassist [lastfm]Sebastian Steinberg[/lastfm] (formerly of Soul Coughing), [lastfm]Wilco[/lastfm] drummer [lastfm]Glenn Kotche[/lastfm], and multi-instrumentalist [lastfm]Patrick Sansone[/lastfm].

The album will be released on the Bella Union label.

As promised here is the cover art:

scubadog Radiohead Drummer Spills the Beans on Solo Album

just kidding, here it is:

selway cover Radiohead Drummer Spills the Beans on Solo Album

Selway began performing solo in 2001 as part of the ‘7 Worlds Collide’ charity project. Past performers for the charity have included [lastfm]Pearl Jam[/lastfm]’s [lastfm]Eddie Vedder[/lastfm] and Familial performer Sebastian Steinberg.

Radiohead are currently working on the follow up to 2007’s In Rainbows in Los Angeles.

The tracklisting of ‘Familial’ is:

‘By Some Miracle’
‘Beyond Reason’
‘A Simple Life’
‘All Eyes On You’
‘The Ties That Bind Us’
‘Patron Saint’
‘Broken Promises’
‘Don’t Look Down’
‘The Witching Hour’

Here is Selway performing “The Witching Hour,” (which IS NOT about the 1993 Disney witch-classic Hocus Pocus).

[Source: NME]

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