Has Kate Hudson Found Her ‘Muse’ with New Rocker Boyfriend?

kate hudson1 Has Kate Hudson Found Her Muse with New Rocker Boyfriend?

Actress Kate Hudson has often been called the modern-day [lastfm]Yoko Ono[/lastfm], and was blamed for the three year break of her ex-husband Chris Robinson‘s group, [lastfm]The Black Crowes[/lastfm]. Since then she has dated big-named celebs like Alex Rodriguez and Owen Wilson, to name a few. But now it seems the 31-year-old has found herself a rocker once again, making fans of the band worried.

Find out who the blonde has sunken her teeth into this time in 3…2…1…

Over the weekend, Hudson was spotted in Paris with [lastfm]Matthew Bellamy[/lastfm], the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of British rock band [lastfm]Muse[/lastfm].

A source said the couple was seen strolling through the streets of the romantic city, saying: “They seemed very much a couple. Just walking together, enjoying the sunshine.”

Oh noes! Alex Rodriguez she can keep, but Matthew Bellamy?! What have we done to make the rock gods so angry?

Do you object to Hudson and Bellamy coupling off, or is the media making too much hype out of nothing? You decide!

Scope out a photo of the couple walking around in Paris below.

kate hudson dating muse lead singer frontman matthew bellamy photo of kate hudson and matthew bellamy together Has Kate Hudson Found Her Muse with New Rocker Boyfriend?

[Source: People]


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