Snoop Thinks ‘True Blood’ Doesn’t Suck

snoop Snoop Thinks True Blood Doesnt Suck

[lastfm]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm] sure has a thing for girls with exotic oral fixations. First, he was pouring some “sugar” on a cookie-clad [lastfm]Katy Perry [/lastfm]in her sunny Candyfornia wonderland. Now, he’s got a taste for True Blood and can’t wait to take a bite out of feisty fangbanger, Sookie Stackhouse. The self-proclaimed lover of True Blood created a tasty tribute vid that will make any cold-blooded vampire roll in his coffin with jealousy.

Don’t worry. Your sorta is safe. Snoop is the “dog that won’t bite.” So click more and sink your teeth into his “sanguine seduction.”

Oh Sookie. How could you deny the “Bon Pimp” of “Bon Temps” with a pick-up line like, “try to read my mind/you might get wet?”  The Doggfather also wants Sookie to know that if she ever wants a “nooner” that “we’ll do it in the daytime/Bill won’t know a thing.” Even if Bill felt his little fangbanging buddy giving “a dog a bone,” he could only suck it up in his coffin and burn up with rage–unless he wanted the sun to do it for him.

Now that is the definition of a “Bon Pimp.”

Check out how “Snoop is a g” when he smokes “true bud.”

Suck it easy, Sookie. Suck it easy.

[Source: Idolator]


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