Ron Artest’s Single ‘Champions’ Is Out!

ronartest Ron Artests Single Champions Is Out!

After the Lakers won on Thursday, no one was more ecstatic than Ron Artest. His after game interview proved Artest is one of the freshest dudes in basketball. While people were debating who MVP should go to, everyone on Twitter was cracking jokes on how MVP should go to “Ron Artest’s psychiatrist” and how he totally pimped his single on nationwide television.

Artest’s single is fittingly titled “Champions,” which is what we think everyone in our JACK audience is! So for being a winner at life, we have a little present for you; listen to Artest’s single after the jump!

After the Lakers win the 2010 NBA Championships, Artest plugs his single:

And then…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!? Artest’s single, “Champions!”

Hellz yes, Los Angeles! “We came, we saw, we conquered, everything in sight!”

We are still ridin’ high after our win on Thursday and this song is destined to be a well-played Los Angeles summer jam.

“Moment of silence for the champions!”

  • What do you think of Ron Artest’s new single, “Champions?”

[Source: ONTD]


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