Kiss’ New Tour Mates: We Say ‘No, No, No’

kiss 2 Kiss New Tour Mates: We Say No, No, No

Our love for the painted, axe-wielding, tongue-trembling rock stars that are [lastfm]Kiss [/lastfm] knows no bounds. We were excited for the new show which is dubbed “the hottest show on earth”, but when we found who they were purportedly playing arenas with we were baffled…and almost more disturbed by this information than by Gene Simmons’ tongue length. Almost.

We bet you can’t guess who is touring with [lastfm]KISS[/lastfm]. No, really. Don’t waste your time trying. Just click more to find out!

If you guessed the emo/pop-punk band [lastfm]The Academy Is…[/lastfm] than you are either the craziest [lastfm]Kiss [/lastfm] fan ever or we need to play your odds at the roulette table in Vegas. If you don’t know who [lastfm]The Academy Is..[/lastfm].is don’t worry. You are probably not missing any crucial gaps in your memory. The band is on the tiny Fueled By Ramen label and are some young dudes from Illinois with average to above-average musical talent i.e. they could be any random band.

So what makes [lastfm]The Academy Is…[/lastfm] so special that they get to play a bunch of gigs with one of the most famous and successful bands in the world? If you think you “sure know something”, “let us know.”

Here is the rockin’ [lastfm]KISS[/lastfm] tour spot:

[lastfm]The Academy Is..[/lastfm].totally diametrically different from [lastfm]KISS[/lastfm]. WTF. How did they get on this tour? We still need explanations!

[Source: ONTD]


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