Prince In Print: He Still Believes In The Newspaper

prince Prince In Print: He Still Believes In The Newspaper

Who said print was dead? The artist formally known as “the artist formally known as Prince” still believes in the mass appeal newspapers once brought to readers, so much so, he’s releasing his new album through the medium in Europe.

Forget the digital era, let Prince take you back to a more conventional time of messy, loose papers and physical discs for his exclusive album release.

Three years ago, Prince released his album Planet Earth through UK newspapers, causing intrigue among fans for his off brand method of selling his new album.  He’s enlisted the same European publications to release his upcoming album 20Ten that will come free with any purchase of the issue.

His new album will be packaged along with four confirmed publications including  England’s Daily Mirror, Scotland’s Daily Record and Belgium’s Het Nieuwsblad on July 10, and with Germany’s version of Rolling Stone on July 22.  No set release date or distribution has been confirmed for the U.S. yet, but let’s cross our fingers it comes along with one of those “black bagged” magazines.

Prince recently debuted a new track “Hot Summer” through a public radio station and was just awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 BET Awards. 

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