Mafia Wars: Game On (The Big Screen)?

cbsmafia Mafia Wars: Game On (The Big Screen)?

You love it or you hate it. You spend valuable time on it at work or you block it from your feed.  But Mafia Wars, one of the biggest games on Facebook, is certainly well known. And it looks like that noteriety is going to lead to a movie deal.

We’ve got more on the game-to-movie move after the jump!

The film rights to the game have reportedly been optioned by Radar Pictures, the company responsible for The Invention of Lying, All About Steve and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Mafia Wars has nearly 26 million active participants on a monthly basis, according to some reports, and all of them seem to show up on our Friend Feed on Facebook.

This guy, for one, does not seem like he’ll be a fan:

So, which will it be? Will you hit the like button on the adaptation? Or block it from your feed?

[Source: Pajiba]


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