PhonerKaraoke “Oingo Boingo”

oingoboingo PhonerKaraoke Oingo Boingo

[lastfm]Oingo Boingo[/lastfm] is best known for their hit song “Weird Science.” The music group started as a theatrical troupe, then year’s passed and the remaining members came together to form a band. One of Jack’s listeners enjoyed their music so much they called in and joined Jack’s PhonerKaraoke.

Listen to this caller who wanted to remind Jack that it was “Just Another Day.”

Oingo Boingo- “Just Another Day”

  • Call Jack anytime, and join our PhonerKaraoke fun! Make it fun, make it original, and just do it! Hey… you could possibly make the website. Call Jack now 866.931.JACK
  • Don’t forget to checkout Oingo Boingo’s Radio Station.

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