Brandon Flowers Gets Bound and Beaten in the ‘Crossfire’

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brandon flowers 850 100 Brandon Flowers Gets Bound and Beaten in the Crossfire

When making music videos, what do hot moody rock stars like [lastfm]Brandon Flowers [/lastfm] favor other than violence, bondage and ninjas?

Anticipation is the best foreplay so you are going to have to click more if you want us to finish that…thought.

Rock stars in the [lastfm]Brandon Flowers[/lastfm] caliber like…blondes! More specifically, Charlize Theron. Wait. Who doesn’t like Charlize Theron?

Theron is looking sexy in a tight grey wife beater, smacking down some naughty ninjas, getting into the “Crossfire” for Flowers whom we presume is her “lover” in the video. Somehow he got tied up to what looks like a mattress box spring. We’d like to see the prequel music video to ascertain exactly how that happened.

Watch the video of “Crossfire” below where [lastfm]Brandon Flowers[/lastfm] chants over and over again “Lay your body down.” He’s not really that subtle, is he Charlize?

[Source: ONTD]

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