Willy Wonka is Blowing Up the Interwebs

 Willy Wonka is Blowing Up the Interwebs

We always thought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a pretty perverse, creepy movie (which is obviously why we loved it), so it is no surprise that some sneaky, sick little mind made this horribly hysterical new internet meme.

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Here is the meme video in all it’s freakish glory!

Ok, we lied. Below we present you with the real Willy Wonka video.

Before you watch this, we recommend that you turn your volume up really loud. Trust us on this one.

We can’t believe you actually trusted us.

Now go terrorize all your chain e-mail pals or we will be really disappointed.

[Source: Todays Big Thing]

  • vaderbot

    Hehehe! Pretty morbidly funny! Hey you know what Jack FM Blogs need? It needs that little “like” button like the ones on Facebook, you know the little thumbs up icon. Anyway I love you guys. Thumbs up. Bring it up at the next staff meeting and take all the glory Nadia.

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