[What’s That Song] Yello – “Oh Yeah”

Can you help me find the name of this song. It played yesterday at around 2pm I think. And the part of the lyrics were, “Bom bom, chic, chica chica.” and that played over a few times. The guys voice that says bom bom is really low too, the rest was almost like a whisper, just almost like one. Please help me! Thanks.


Yello – “Oh Yeah”

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  • Kim

    Tami…I just read through some of the old postings and found the song I’m looking for!! You are awesome! I’ve been looking for it for years! Never would have figured it out. Never even heard of the band! Fruer “Doot Doot” Short song , but I love the melody…

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    […] What’s That Song? Yello – “Oh Yeah” […]

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