Blur At The Music Box?! Not Quite

cbsblur Blur At The Music Box?! Not Quite

If you want to see a British feeding frenzy in Los Angeles, all you have to do is bring up ’90s Brit-pop. The Music Box found this out earlier this week when a mysterious marquee message led to inquiries from around the world! What was advertised…and what is it really? Find out after the jump!

The marquee outside of the Music Box in Hollywood carried a simple message: “7-28 [lastfm]Blur[/lastfm].”

Immediately, the Intertubewebnets¬†did what they do best, which is spread disinformation. Was it a one-off show for the Brit-pop champs of “Song 2” fame? Was it the beginning of an unannounced tour? And how would [lastfm]Blur[/lastfm] lead singer, [lastfm]Damon Albarn[/lastfm], make it work with his commitments to cartoon rock band [lastfm]The Gorillaz[/lastfm]?

The answers, it turns out, are much less interesting. “Blur” is a private party being thrown at the venue, according to its Special Events Director.

It would have been tough for it to be a [lastfm]Blur[/lastfm] concert; Albarn played in Syria last night with [lastfm]The Gorillaz[/lastfm], who are on tour of the Middle East right now.

Internet, once again, This Is A Low:



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