Bret Michaels Busted for Drugs! Well, Kinda

bret michaels pulled over by cops found weed smoking pot Bret Michaels Busted for Drugs! Well, Kinda

Here’s a question: you’re driving in Indiana when a cop pulls you over due to extinguished tag lights. They find drugs. What do you think will happen next?

Well, if it was you and us, chances are they’d haul our asses to jail and throw away the key until they sucked our wallets dry. Celebrities on the other hand… well, do we even need to point out the special treatment?

Last night in Indiana, K-9s found pot and illegal, controlled substances in two of [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm]‘ tour buses.

His rep released the following statement:

Two of Bret’s tour buses were pulled over late last night. Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner.

Oh, that’s it. End of story. Another happy ending for the rich and famous. Woo!

Do you think they were playing this song on the buses?

[Source: TMZ]


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