The Beatles Make A Rare Film Soundtrack Appearance

cbspaulmccartney The Beatles Make A Rare Film Soundtrack Appearance

[lastfm]The Beatles[/lastfm] have very rarely ever allowed original band recordings of their songs to be used in films. But recently, a movie gained access to a [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] classic for its opening credits. Find out what film – and how much it cost – after the jump!

One would think that [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] songs would only be used in the highest of art, but the film using “The Fool On The Hill” is Dinner For Schmucks, starring Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell. In the film, Rudd hits Carrell with his car, then takes him to dinner with his boss in the hopes of securing a promotion.

Dinner For Schmucks might not be high art, but it did pay out big bucks; the producers shelled out $1.5 million to gain access to the song from Magical Mystery Tour for the film’s opening credits.

How did Paramount and Dreamworks, the film’s producing studios, do it? It might have just been the price, but it likely didn’t hurt that Dreamworks mogul Steven Spielberg is neighbors with [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] in the Hamptons.

$1.5 million for an opening credits song? Is it too much?

[Source: Showbiz411]


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