Video Clips of 10 Music Artists Falling On Stage

beyonce falls down stairs 24 stars falling on their butts musicians artist pop stars falling on their asses video beyonce destinys child chistina aguilera katy perry Video Clips of 10 Music Artists Falling On Stage

There’s something about a person falling on their rump roast that is so entertaining — that’s why we’ve compiled a list of videos of people doing just that. What can we say, we love people.

See who made the cut below!

Here are some of the world’s biggest names in music busting their glutes on camera. We know we shouldn’t laugh, but it’s okay so long as they don’t see us laughing at them, right? *looks around*

1. [lastfm]Bono[/lastfm] (0:08)

2. [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] (0:06)

3. [lastfm]Steven Tyler[/lastfm] (0:16)

4. [lastfm]Jennifer Lopez[/lastfm] (0:09)

5. [lastfm]Michelle William[/lastfm]s (0:05)

6. [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] (0:07)

7. [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] (0:14)

8. [lastfm]Chris Martin[/lastfm] (0:47)

9. [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] (0:25)

10. [lastfm]Prince[/lastfm] (4:45)


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