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Jon Bon Jovi Doesn’t Make Forbes List, World Ends

cbsbonjovi Jon Bon Jovi Doesnt Make Forbes List, World Ends

[lastfm]Jon Bon Jovi[/lastfm] did not “Have A Nice Day” when the Forbes list of top earning music acts was released last week. Why is he throwing a fit – and why didn’t he make the list?

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The Forbes “Musicians’ Rich List,” hit newsstands last week, featuring several JACK favorites. But [lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm] missed the list, mostly because of the measured earnings period; the numbers were taken from June 2009 to June 2010, a time period where [lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm] did not tour.

Reasonable? Sure, to mortals like us, who aren’t big rock stars.

“Jon kicked up a huge fuss and got his people to complain,” a source told the New York Post. “He couldn’t understand why he didn’t make the musicians list since [lastfm]Bon Jovi[/lastfm] has been touring nonstop since February. Their contemporaries [lastfm]U2[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm] were on the list. Even [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm] was No. 5, and she hasn’t done anything this year.”

Of course, Bon Jovi’s publicist denies all of this. “That’s ridiculous,” the flack said.”Last year, the band took an eight-month break from touring, so there was no expectation that they would rank on this year’s list. Next year, different story — their current tour is No. 1 in North America right now and No. 2 worldwide.”

C’mon, Jon. Don’t you remember when it was all about the music, maaaaaaaaan?

Does this sound like something Jon would say?

[Source: New York Post]


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