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The Cars Hint At Reunion On Facebook

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cbscars1 The Cars Hint At Reunion On Facebook

There have been rumors of a [lastfm]Cars[/lastfm] reunion for almost as long as the band has been broken up (1988, for the record). But now we seem to have proof, of a sort, that [lastfm]Ric Ocasek[/lastfm] and company might be interested in getting back together. How did the band leak the possibility … and are hopeful Cars fans reading too much into it?

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The proof in question is a photo, posted on the band’s Facebook site and shown below:

cbscarsinstudio The Cars Hint At Reunion On Facebook

Yes, those are the original members, sans [lastfm]Benjamin Orr[/lastfm], who died in 2000.  And yes, that’s a studio.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook on July 13th, and the band’s fan page has exploded with comments since then, with everything from earnest pleas for a reunion to questioning whether [lastfm]the Cars [/lastfm]without Orr would be the same.

<pun> Is a reunion of [lastfm]the Cars[/lastfm] just what you needed? </pun>


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