PhonerKaraoke: Violent Femmes

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violentfemmes2q8qyo3 PhonerKaraoke: Violent Femmes

[lastfm]The Violent Femmes[/lastfm] personified 80s alternative rock. Their music often express both a lyrical and musical sense of humor. They had a huge resurgence after one of their songs appeared in the 90s smash hit, Reality Bites.  However,   “Blister In The Sun” is the song that keeps people coming back for more.

Take a trip down memory lane with us and a caller who sang the song to Jack.

Violent Femmes- “Blister In the Sun”

  • Call Jack anytime, and join our PhonerKaraoke fun! Make it fun, make it original, and just do it! Hey… you could possibly make the website. Call Jack now 866.931.JACK
  • Don’t forget to checkout Violent Femmes Radio Station.
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