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Shark Week! Christmas With Teeth!

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cbsshark Shark Week! Christmas With Teeth!

In July of 1987, the struggling Discovery Channel put together a block of programming over the course of one week about sharks.  Twenty-three years later, the one-off promotional stunt, now called Shark Week, may be the greatest thing on television.

Join us after the jump to discuss why!

Here we go: Our five reasons that Shark Week is awesome:

5.) Sharks kill and eat EVERYTHING. Our television needs more killing and eating.

4.) New documentaries for the week include “Shark Bite Beach”, a documentary about shark attacks in Mexico and California in 2008, and “Shark Attack Survival Guide,” which shows how to live through an encounter with a shark (Rule #1: Don’t Be Robert Shaw).

3.) Sharks may or may not shoot rainbows from their mouths:

cbsifc01c Shark Week! Christmas With Teeth!

2.) The host of this week’s festivities is TV’s Craig Ferguson, and he brings the funny on a regular basis.


And remember, friends: Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

cbssharkweek Shark Week! Christmas With Teeth!

What’s your favorite part of Shark Week?  Let us know in the comments.

[Source: ONTD]

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