Tim Tebow: What Is That On Your Head, Son?

cbstimtebow2 Tim Tebow: What Is That On Your Head, Son?

Other than the multi-million dollar contracts and the like, NFL rookies have it tough. Most of them have to go from being the big man on campus to the lowest on the totem pole, and they have to adapt to new systems, better competitions and new locales – all while transitioning into full adulthood.

Also, they have to get their haircut. By their teammates.

Enter Tim Tebow.

cbstimtebow Tim Tebow: What Is That On Your Head, Son?

What happened?

The rookie quarterback for the Denver Broncos got his hair cut by his teammates during a hazing ritual over the weekend.

“I think all the rookies had a good time with it,” Tebow said. “It was something to give everybody a laugh, something also to build chemistry.”

The good laugh was shared by the Broncos fans who attended practice at Invesco Field over the weekend, too.

The good news: Tebow looked good in the practice, as he had throughout training camp.

The other good news: During games, he’ll have to wear a helmet.

[Source: NFL Fanhouse]


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