Donald Duck Accused Of Sexual Assult?

alg donald Donald Duck Accused Of Sexual Assult?

There’s a certain stigma that goes along with being Donald Duck.  Usually, it’s being a short tempered, cantankerous fellow.  However, after a Pennsylvania woman accused the sordid duck of getting a little too close for comfort!

27-year-old April Magolon says that her impression of the happiest place on Earth came to an end while visiting the Orlando, Florida based Walt Disney World in May 2008.

What has come to be known as a mainstay for trips to Disney facilities, photos and hugs from the characters, has turned into a nightmare for Magolon because she claims that the duck tried to get to second base. Magolon accuses the quacker of “physical menacing” her personal being, which is lawyer talk for grabbing her boob causing her nightmares and flashbacks.

How much do you think copping a feel costs if you are a Disney character?  Well, Magolon thinks it is worth at least $50,000 in damages because that’s what she’s asking for.  Regardless if this happened or not, we just want to know if this woman makes $50-grand off this incident cause if she does we’re heading down to Anaheim with our push up bra and a bucket load of bad intentions.

[Source:  WHEC]


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