Jimi Hendrix: Giggler (With Video!)

jimi hendrix giggler laugher photographer gered mankovitz 1960s Jimi Hendrix: Giggler (With Video!)

Gered Mankovitz, the photographer who shot [lastfm]Jimi Hendrix[/lastfm] in the 1960s, recently spoke about the guitar legend and unearthed some comical secrets about Hendrix.

During the video shot for NME, Mankovitz shared how Hendrix and his band attempted to appear enigmatic in photos, but often ended up in giggling fits.

About a studio photo session with the guitarist in London in 1966, Makovitz said:

Every bloke [in the 1960s] wanted to be moody and sexy and yet there was endless laughter. Especially Mitch [Mitchell, drummer]… when he tried to look moody and cool he just broke everybody up. But they managed to do it enough times to make the shoot look viable and worthwhile.

It’s great to hear that a legend like Hendrix wasn’t pompous or full of himself, but instead had a soft side and was always down for a good giggle—even if we can’t help but consider that marijuana was a factor. He was a 420 connoisseur, after all.

Video of Gered Mankovitz talking about Jimi Hendrix below!

[Source: NME]


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