Blondie Issuing ‘Panic’ In 2011

blondie band photo Blondie Issuing Panic In 2011

One way or another, new wave, punk pioneers [lastfm]Blondie[/lastfm] are releasing new material whether they have a record label attached to their name or not.  Seven years is a long time to be withheld from new hits from the sassy frontwoman [lastfm]Debbie Harry [/lastfm] and her dynamic players, and the band’s aiming to please with its ninth studio album, taking their sound in an exciting new direction on Panic of Girls.

For only the second time in their career, [lastfm]Blondie[/lastfm] recorded outside of the Manhattan scenery for their upcoming album Panic of Girls, opting for the historic setting of Woodstock, N.Y. for a series a recording sessions. The spirit of Woodstock must have inspired the band members during the prolific sessions that yielded 35 new tracks, with 14 of them making it on the new album.

The massive amount of new material is the first to appear since Blondie’s last release The Curse of Blondie in 2003. Drummer Clem Burke said the natural setting of Woodstock helped get the band get back to the fundamentals of their music, focusing more on the instrumentals for their sound rather than electronics. 

“We tried to make the recording process as organic as possible and tried to stay away from programming as much as we could, because [‘The Curse of Blondie’] had a lot of programming on it,” he said. “So in the spirit of Woodstock, we kept going in the studio and playing.”

The bulk of the songs were written by Debbie Harry herself and even though the album will only have 14 of the 35 songs recorded, fans can expect exclusive Internet releases of the unheard tracks later on.  The band has already started previewing the material on their “Endangered Species Tour” working the songs “What I Heard,”The End” and “Mother” into their catalogue of hits. 

The band currently isn’t signed with a label, but hopes that issue will work out before their Australia tour in November.  The Panic of Girls’ release will no doubt prompt widespread panic from fans when it hits stores in 2011. Get a little preview of the album with a live performance of one of their new songs “What I Heard” at the Isle of Wight festival.

See Blondie through the years:

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[Source: Spinner, Billboard]


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