Iron Maiden Get Wasted, Can Barely ‘Remember Tomorrow’

iron maiden Iron Maiden Get Wasted, Can Barely Remember Tomorrow

Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody! More specifically an odd-number of Slippery Nipples and some Jager Bombs. Oh, and about 200 glasses of everything else on the menu. Thanks! Just charge it to [lastfm]Iron Maiden[/lastfm] and leave the stomach pump by the back door.

Not shockingly, [lastfm]Iron Maiden[/lastfm] recently partied hardcore in Norway. The shocking part is both the dollar and alcohol amount on their receipt. We are not sure how they managed to “remember tomorrow.” Or maybe that’s the point of these “wasted years.”

 Iron Maiden Get Wasted, Can Barely Remember Tomorrow

Holy black-out god of Guinness and whiskey! This is in Norwegian Kroner but the U.S. dollar amount works out to be about $3,275. That is about three months of rent for us. Or two months of rent and a night of binge-drinking with 20 of our best friends in a L.A. dive bar.

Is this what their brains feel like after all that drinking?

The most ridiculous part of all this? WE WEREN’T INVITED.

[Source: ONTD]


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