KFC A Human Ton Of Fried Chicken For The World Record?

kfcbig KFC A Human Ton Of Fried Chicken For The World Record?

First, let’s just point out that they’re probably going to need a bigger bucket, whatever the size they plan to use will just be too small.  Originally, (sort of like the recipe) KFC exploded onto the scene by wooing Americans with their bodacious blend of delicious herbs and spices. Then, they wowed us with their revolutionary “Double-Down Sandwich.” Now? KFC wants to usurp the Fried Chicken World Record from… wait for it… KFC.

How does that work? Well, the current title owner is a Middle Eastern KFC, owned by a different company. Back in 2008, MEKFC took the title with 1,278 pounds of deep-friend deliciousness.

Recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken celebrated the 70th anniversary of its “original recipe”. In doing so, the AMERICAN KFC (you know, the KFC that fights terrorists, plays baseball, and sings [lastfm]Foreigner[/lastfm] at Karaoke bars) challenged the record at the Canoefest in Indiana last month.  There, Colonels of all shapes and sizes donated their time to fill the town’s grease bucket. Their combined efforts yielded 1,645 pounds. Another bout for fried chicken glory is expected soon – one that weighs in over 2,000 pounds! Woah, that’s how much the PowerCube 600 weighs!

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[Source: Yahoo!Shine]


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