Mira, Here’s A New Clip From ‘Machete.’

dannyterjo Mira, Heres A New Clip From Machete.

Oye, people are always moaning over how much Monday sucks, but they’ve never celebrated Machete Monday. Machete Monday is when you laugh over the imaginary machete you are sharpening in your head and all of the imaginary things it’s going to do. It’s also when you watch your favorite Mexican anti-hero, Danny Trejo, in clips from the Machete movie coming out on September 3rd.

Do you have a fond spot in your heart for Robert DeNiro’s mole? What about Danny Trejo’s mustache?  Satisfy your super-masculine, testosterone-driven man love with this brand new clip from Machete!

If you just can’t get enough of Machete Monday (we know we can’t), check out this awesome Twitter account dedicated to stirring up that deep, dark well of mezcal and bringing you proverbial scorpions of hilarity like this: “If I was in the Expendables, they’d have to call it the “Mexpendables.” #MacheteMonday

Now that your machetes are clean and sharp, how are you going to celebrate Machete Monday?


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