Facebook Founder NOT Excited For “The Social Network”

cbsfacebook2 Facebook Founder NOT Excited For The Social Network

The Interwebtubenets have been all abuzz about The Social Network, the new David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin film about the creation of Facebook, since the first trailer appeared online in late July. But at least one man will not be in line opening weekend – or at any point – for the film: Mark Zuckerberg, the “anti-hero” of the film and one of the site’s founders.

“Honestly, I wish that when people try to do journalism or write stuff about Facebook that they at least try to get it right.” Zuckerberg said recently, adding, “The movie is fiction.”

There are two competing accounts of the creation and meteoric rise of Facebook: David Kirkpatrick‘s “The Facebook Effect” and Ben Mezrich‘s “The Accidental Billionaires.” Screenwriter Sorkin and director Fincher lean heavily on the latter, which paints a less-flattering picture of Zuckerberg than the former.

Zuckerberg, in the eyes of Network producer Scott Rudin, is “simultaneously a builder and a destroyer,” he said. “It’s a big subject. It’s a big American subject.”

Kirkpatrick, meanwhile, says that the description of Zuckerberg in the screenplay is “horrifically unfair.”

How important is the accuracy of the story to you? Do you mind when Hollywood fudges the facts a little to deliver a better movie?

[Source: New York Times]


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