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Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex On Fire,’ Jukebox Anthem?

kings of leon sex on fire journey caleb followill interview e come to terms with it twenty years from now people will be sitting in a bar and itll come on the jukebox and theyll start Kings of Leons Sex On Fire, Jukebox Anthem?

What do [lastfm]Kings of Leon[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Journey[/lastfm] have in common?

According to [lastfm]Kings of Leon[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Caleb Followill[/lastfm], their radio-favorite song “Sex On Fire” is likely to become a kitschy jukebox favorite and thus rock classic in the style of [“Don’t Stop Believin'” by] [lastfm]Journey[/lastfm].

I’ve come to terms with it. Twenty years from now people will be sitting in a bar and it’ll come on the jukebox and they’ll start singing along. Then they’ll wake up in the morning and go, ‘Jesus, did I really do that?’ It’ll be like a [lastfm]Journey[/lastfm]song.

While fans and rock aficionados fell in love with the track, Followill considered the song a “piece of s**t” following its worldwide success, a sentiment he has since reconsidered.

I said some things that I’m ashamed of. I hurt people who are genuine fans of the band because I was too embarrassed to look out from the stage every night and see people who weren’t like me.

We understand not wanting your song to become a song so popular that pop-collared douchebags in pink polos will sing while standing on a table, holding an invisible microphone in one hand and the other hand pointed upwards.

But for the the rest of with good taste in music and a genuine sensibility for “Sex on Fire,” there’s no shame in this song going down in the history books as a jukebox classic. There aren’t many songs that deserve to make the cut, but this is one song that has all the elements necessary to be crowned a sing-along favorite.

  • What other songs do you think are jukebox/sing-along worthy?

And because we could not get any more apropos than this, here is a [lastfm]Kings of Leon[/lastfm]‘s “Sex on Fire” vs. [lastfm]Journey[/lastfm]‘s “Don’t Stop Believin'” mash-up below!



One Comment

  1. camda says:

    Gotta admit the girls love this song. It’s a fun song accept it for what it is.

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