The Cure’s Original Drummer Wants to Rejoin Band

cure 03 The Cures Original Drummer Wants to Rejoin Band

[lastfm]The Cure[/lastfm]’s original drummer, [lastfm]Lol Tolhurst[/lastfm], cracked his matte black lipstick when he announced on local college radio station KXLU that he wanted to shine his black patent-leather creepers and hit the road with his old band mate, [lastfm]Robert Smith[/lastfm]. After Tolhurst took somber goth to a whole new level of sloppy alcoholic, Smith threw him out of the band like a ratty old black velvet glove. Will [lastfm]Lol Tolhurst [/lastfm]get [lastfm]Robert Smith[/lastfm] to “just say yes?” Or is Tolhurst “jumping someone else’s train?”

Maybe [lastfm]Lol Tolhurst[/lastfm] is nostalgic because the 30 year anniversary of [lastfm]The Cure[/lastfm]’s 1981 album, Faith, is coming up. Or maybe Tolhurst spent all his [lastfm]Cure[/lastfm] cash on a garden of rare black roses guarded by miniature pumas. Regardless, Tolhurst is under some grand illusion that him and Robert Smith will be collaborating sooner or later and that “the ball is now in Robert’s court.

While the two supposedly reconciled after Tolhurst’s “Kafkaesque” lawsuit against[lastfm] Robert Smith[/lastfm], we have a feeling that Smith might be giddily yanking Tolhurst’s chain.

It’s 2010. “Boys Don’t Cry” anymore. They LOL.

[Source: Spinner]


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