U2 Fans Arrested in Russia

2rg2irm opt U2 Fans Arrested in Russia

Moscow police arrested activists outside of [lastfm]U2[/lastfm]’s first (ever) concert in Russia.

Before the show, police arrested Amnesty International activists and forced out volunteers from non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace Russia and even U2’s ONE Campaign Against AIDS.

These activists were simply handing out leaflets, so why the arrests? Greenpeace organizer Ivan Blokov said:

We were not allowed to collect signatures and to talk to people. Our activities were agreed with by U2’s management, so we are very much surprised.

Apparently, these activities had not been agreed upon by Moscow police, but fortunately, everyone arrested was released shortly thereafter.

On the brighter side of things, U2 brought in the biggest crowd at a Russian rock concert since Pink Floyd played Moscow’s Olympic Stadium in 1989!

[Source: Rolling Stone]


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