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Whitesnake Gets New Bassist, Beauty Salons Out of Hairspray

whitesnake1 Whitesnake Gets New Bassist, Beauty Salons Out of Hairspray

Watch out depleting ozone layer! The hair metal righteousness that is [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] is back together with a new bassist, a full line-up, an upcoming album, and enough cans of AquaNet to make the need for tanning booths obsolete. [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] has recruited bass player and singer [lastfm]Michael Devin[/lastfm] to slip into some tight pants with them onstage. Devin, who was already playing with [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] drummer [lastfm]Brian Tichy[/lastfm] in [lastfm]Lynch Mob[/lastfm], is incredibly grateful for this chance with the band, despite the environmental atrocities that might ensue:

It’s an honour to be welcomed into the [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] family. I’m a big fan. [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] is notorious for exciting musicianship, David’s history is rich, and I’m very proud to be here.

Alongside bassist [lastfm]Michael Devin[/lastfm], the current version of [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] includes drummer [lastfm]Brian Tichy[/lastfm], guitarists [lastfm]Doug Aldrich[/lastfm], [lastfm]Reb Beach[/lastfm] and keyboardist [lastfm]Timothy Drury. [/lastfm]

Now that the band has all its members in place, it plans on releasing a new album in 2011 with Frontier Records and going on a subsequent tour.

What can we expect from the new [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm]? Probably a lot of “howling at the moon.” It will surely shine extra bright through the thin veil that masquerades as our atmosphere.

[Source: Music-News]


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