Guns n’ Roses Shows Up Late, Gets Plug Pulled At Reading

cbsgnr2 Guns n Roses Shows Up Late, Gets Plug Pulled At Reading

Guns n’ Roses was warned last week that the band would not be allowed to play a full set if it took the stage late, something that the band is famous for. [lastfm]Guns n’ Roses[/lastfm] took the stage an hour late. Guess what happened?

Yup. [lastfm]Guns n’ Roses[/lastfm] got cut off.

[lastfm]Axl Rose[/lastfm] and company took the stage an hour late at the Reading Festival on Friday night, opening with the title track from Chinese Democracy before finally giving the crowd what it wanted…”Welcome to the Jungle.”

But the end of the set came a little early, as the plug was pulled on the band – literally, they turned off power to the band’s instruments – during “Paradise City.” The band kept playing, though, with just an unmiked drumbeat and Axl singing into a megaphone.

Then, a very odd ending: The band just didn’t leave. Members hung out on stage as the crowd chanted for several minutes:

[Source: Guardian UK]

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