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Jack’s 5th Show Scary-oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’

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olddudeskaraoke Jacks 5th Show Scary oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Rangers Sister Christian

It’s just another night out at the karaoke bar. Girls are breaking eardrums attempting “I Will Always Love You” and booze is flowing. Dude friend shows up looking like the ultimate bro: team jersey, baseball cap, gripping a cheap beer. Not surprisingly, he refuses to get up and sing at 10pm. Three hours and five beers later, he is stumblin’ around with his fist in the air, belting out [lastfm]Night Ranger’s[/lastfm] “Sister Christian.” You’ve know what we’re talking about. Even bros like to screw up “Sister Christian.” It’s awesome and we have proof!

Ashton Kutcher slaughters it, Ellen laughs diabolically.

Every bitchin’ rock chick needs a horrible back-up dancer. And disco bowling as her background soundtrack.

This dude takes himself really seriously. Or maybe he’s just too high to see the lyrics?

Some of our favorite things about karaoke are those cheesy videos behind the karaoke lyrics, performers awkward hand gestures, and vicious audience heckling. In this video, we get it all!

This girl is way out of tune but at least she’s kind of hot. Until she starts doing the guitar parts with her voice. NOOOOOOO! Never acceptable!

MOTOR BOATIN’!!!! Umm, we mean MOTORIN’!

motorboatin Jacks 5th Show Scary oke: People Love to Screw Up Night Rangers Sister Christian

Nope, nevermind. We mean MOTOR BOATIN’!!!

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